Saturday, 6 May 2017

Octopussy Artwork by Renato Casaro

The artwork for Octopussy was created by two different artist: The version used in the US was by Dan Goozee. The rest of the world used artwork by Renato Casaro, sometimes in combination with the figures created by Goozee.

Casaro was asked to create a wide action scene montage around the figures created by Goozee to accommodate the landscape/ quad format in the UK.

This artwork was then used widely across the world. For some posters (such as the German one) the artwork was extended by an unknown artist such as the back of the elephant or the exploding train that was not part of Casaro’s original painting. 

Japan asked Casaro to re-create the figures of Moore and Adams therefore creating a completely new artwork.

Big thank you to Gabriele from the Casaro Studios and Thomas from the Nixdorf Collection for their help and input! 

2 comments: said...

The "German" poster is in fact the international artwork. One sheets were printed in the UK for use in countries were the film was released by UIP. The artwork on that (action montage below Moore and Adams) is the original. The UK quad was adapted from that to fit the horizontal framing.

Simon said...

Very interesting.

I do remember at the time of Octopussy's release, picking up a smaller, landscape poster, almost widescreen in its dimensions. I remember thinking it confused the hell out of me - why create two different, but utterly similar artworks for one film?

I was new to poster art by then...