Saturday, 28 January 2017

From Russia With Love Lobby Cards from South Africa

Lobby cards for "From Russia With Love" from South Africa by Kinekor. Set of 8.

I've never seen these before. Does anyone know more and maybe how the missing card looks like?

I found these on the net and can't remember where. Thanks and credits to the person who originally posted these!


Simon said...


Then does this mean the single Russia card you posted of mine a couple of years back, that I thought more recently might have been South African, is now still of unknown origin?

Simon said...,405.msg209277.html#msg209277

October 04, 2016 post.

It compares the art of the card to the poster of same (?) country origin.

Peter Lorenz said...

I'm not sure. The lobby card that you mention looks pretty 1963 while these look newer. Sadly I never got any positive confirmation where the old card came from.

Guy Callaway said...

Most interesting but, again, more (imo) odd choices for pics: Hey, look, people having dinner & someone on the phone!

Simon said...

Fair play.

Do we know if these are 11x14 in size?