Sunday, 15 April 2012

Risco Short Story in Male Magazine

Illustrations by Gil Cohen for the Ian Fleming short story "Risico" (For Your Eyes Only), re-named to "The Death Peddlers" in Male Annual magazine 1964.


Keir said...

Had to google search to remember the plot of "Risico". Vaguely remember the story now.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive "Bond" site Peter. A question if I may. Back in the 1960's I had a paperback book listing all the Bond films, his weaponary, his leading ladies etc. I dont know who the author was or who printed the book. The phots of weapons and leading ladies were all in black and white. Any idea of the title and if it is available anywhere? Len Robinson. email

Peter Lorenz said...

Hi Len, this sounds like the book "For Bond lovers Only", link here.

Does this help?



Perry said...

Very nice. However, the woman, Lisl Baum, in the short story is described as "plump". The woman appears to have been sexed up a bit.

Dan Gale said...

Never mind the illustrations, please print the full cover article on Back Door Sex and any illustrations that to with it. :-0