James Bond Book Covers from Thailand

Book cover artwork from '60 James Bond 007 paperback from Thailand. Thanks to Jason from SpyVibe who discovered these on eBay!

Dr No Japanese Style

Tribute to the Japanese poster style for "Dr No".

Yves Thos Artwork

Check out a new, French website dedicated to James Bond 007 collectibles from France: ASSOCIATION 007 COLLECTORS. Among other things it features rare artwork by Yves Thos. Merci to Frédéric for sharing the images with me.

Czech Goldfinger Artwork

Illustrations from the first Czech edition of "Goldfinger" issued in the newspaper "Svobodne Slovo" in 1969, illustrations by M. Novak.
In 1970 Goldfinger was released in book form under the title "Zlaty Fantom". Thanks to Lukas for sharing these with me!

French OHMSS Poster

French 8 sheet poster (8 Panneaux) for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" 302 x 405 cm. It's on auction at emovieposters.com.

Bond Book Covers from Russia

Book cover artwork for the Russian editions of "Thunderball" (left) and "Dr No" (right).

European You Only Live Twice Posters

Overview of European posters for "You Only Live Twice". As usual: Comments and corrections welcome. Above the German Din A00 poster. Means it's 4 times the size of a regular German poster (DinA 1) and comes in two parts. Below the other German posters that I'm aware of.

French "On Ne Vit Que Deux Fois" posters.
Italian posters ranging from the small "Locandina" to the large, 2 part "4 Foglio"
"You Only Live Twice" posters from Greece, Turkey and (now) Croatia.
UK Quad Crowns and Double Crowns
And finally posters from Sweden (Thanks Anders!), Denmark, Finland and Spain

James Bond Books from Czech Republic

James Bond 007 novels "Dr. No", "Casino Royale" and "Goldfinger" by Ian Fleming. Released in the early nineties in the Czech Republic (Then Czechoslovakia). Cover artwork by Miloslav Havlicek. Thanks to Lukas for sharing these scans!

Japanese Thunderball Artwork

Tribute art to "Thunderball" in a Japanese poster style. I do apologise in advance to my Japanese readers for the incorrect use of their language and typography. The text is lifted from the original Japanese poster but rearranged. I'm probably saying " Sean Connery IS Technicolor" or something similar

James Bond Art Wanted

My fellow art collector Thomas is looking for original James Bond artwork. Premium prices paid ! If you have something for sale, please contact: Thomas Nixdorf.

You Only Live Twice Poster from around the World

Poster for "You Only Live Twice" from Asia-Pac and South America. Comments, corrections and additions welcome.

You Only Live Twice: US Lobby Cards

US lobby card set for "You Only Live Twice" Original set of 8 lobby cards from 1967, numbered 1-8.

"Viva James Bond" reissue set of 8 lobby cards numbered 1-8 from 1970.

Reissue cards from the 1984 MGM re-release, set of 8 unnumbered cards.Thanks to Simon for sharing these with me!

You Only Live Twice: US Posters

Overview of US posters for "You Only Live Twice" ranging fro the half sheet and insert up to the 2 variations of the 24 sheet. Comments and corrections welcome.

Is or As James Bond?

The US campaign for "You Only Live Twice" used the slogan "Sean Connery IS James Bond" in 1967. When the film was re-released in the early '70 during the Roger Moore area this was not strictly true any more. Consequently the existing posters and lobby cards were re-labeled to "Sean Connery as James Bond", usually be covering the "IS" with "AS". Some examples from the US, Argentina, Australia, Sweden and Italy.

Goldfinger Puzzle Artwork

Artwork for the 1964 Milton Bradley jigsaw puzzle for "Goldfinger" depicting the Fort Knox battle. Thanks to Len for pointing this out to me!

Artwork Update

Update:"Rusya'dan Sevgilerle" (From Russia With Love), cover artwork for the first Turkish hardcover(ish) edition from 1963. Artwork by "A. Tudan" (?).

From Russia With Love - Turkish Book Cover Artwork

"Rusya'dan Sevgilerle" (From Russia With Love), cover artwork for the first Turkish hardcover edition from the early '60.

Milton Bradley Thunderball Artwork

Toy maker Milton Bradley produced several puzzles for "Thunderball" The one with Connery standing is unique because the artwork of McGinnis was re-drawn, presumably to make it less provocative.

Thunderball: European Posters

Overview of European Thunderball posters. Comments and corrections welcome.

Thanks to Thomas and Anders for their help.

Betamax Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for the Betamax tape "The James Bond 007 Trailers". This is auctioned on the Vectis website.

Times Magazine Cover Artwork

Original artwork and final cover for the Sunday Times Magazine, November 1999. Art by Robert McGinnis. Thanks to Paul for sharing this!

Airfix Aston Martin Artwork

1967 artwork for the "James Bond Special Agent 007" Aston Martin by Airfix. India ink and gouache on illustration board, 13 x 18 inches. Final version below.

International Thunderball Posters

International (meaning not US or Europe) posters for "Thunderball". I'm not sure about some of them such as the Brazilian poster and if it really exists. And the poster formats from Japan are a best guess. Corrections welcome.

US Lobby Cards Thunderball

Original US "Thunderball" lobby card set of 8, 1965

Reissue set of 8 cards from the "Viva James Bond" festival

MGM reissue set of 6 lobby cards, 1984