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You Only Live Twice Illustration

Illustration from the weekly German magazine "Stern" for the promotion of Ian Fleming's "Du Lebst Nur Zweimal" (You Only Live Twice). Artwork by Urs Landis.

Some nerdy trivia on the side: When the first book edition of YOLT was released in Germany, it was called "James Bond Rides The Tiger".

Thanks to Thomas from the Nixdorf Collection for sharing this!

Books from Bengal

Bengali editions of James Bond books.I found these on Facebook (I believe) but do not remember the person who posted them. But: Thank you for sharing them - they are something different!

Stern Magazine

Illustration for the introduction  of Ian Fleming’s “Du Lebt Nur Zweimal” (You Only Live Twice) in the German magazine “Stern”, March 1965.

Thunderball Shop Displays

Three different shop displays from the British news agent chain WH Smith promoting merchandise for the film "Thunderball". These images come from the WH Smith inhouse promotion magazine "Contact" published in 1966. Thanks to Robin for sharing these!

Japanese Toy Camera Cover

Repainted "Look Down" Thunderball artwork used for a Japanese toy camera box.

Casino Royale Comic Strip

Original artwork by John McLusky for the comic adaptation of "Casino Royale" in the UK newspaper Daily Express. Thanks to Sebastian for sharing this!

A View To A Kill

"A Close Look at A View To A Kill", 2015 edition, Andrew McNess. The book is available here.

Dr No: Spanish Language Pressbooks

Pressbooks for "Dr No" from Argentina and Spain (Re-release).

German Dr No Pressbook

German pressbook called Werberatschlag (advertising advice) for "James Bond 007 Jagt Dr. No" (Dr No). It consists of a fold-out envelope that features a mini-poster and images of the release posters on the back.Inside is a collection of sheets with newspaper ads and photos for the press.
German press information. The inside is a collection of typed text with information about the movie. Also a preview slide that was used instead of a trailer.

Risico Comic Cover

Cover artwork for the Danish comic book "Risico", painted by Jordi Penalva(At least the signature looks like him).

More Comic Covers

Cover artwork for the Danish comic version of "Man Lever Kun To Gange" (You Only Live Twice), issue 12. The artwork is clearly based on Connery in Goldfinger.

Comic Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for the Danish James Bond Agent 007 comic "Dod Og Diamanter" (Diamonds Are forever). Artist unknown. If I remember correctly, I've got this from my collector friend Soeren over 20 years ago.

Moonraker Magazine Cover

What to you get when you cross the "Moonraker" advance poster with the Airfix model kit? The June 79 cover for the "New Scientist" magazine. Thanks to Robin for sharing this.

Original Signet Book Cover Art

A rare photo of Ian Fleming posing in front what appears to be the original cover artwork for the first US Signet paperback editions of "Casino Royale" and "Goldfinger". Thanks to Stephan for finding this photo.

Original Artwork

Original artwork by Richard Hearn. Check out his shop on Etsy here.

Moonraker Comic Book Cover

Cover artwork for the Danish comic version of Ian Fleming's "Moonraker, published by A/S Interpresse.

Marketing Dr No

French marketing material for "Dr No": Scenario (1 page back and front), press kit (multiple pages in folder and press book/campaign book (4 page flyer). Thanks to Michael from 007 Collector and Frédéric from Association 007 Collectors for their help.
Synopsis from Belgium and pressbook from Denmark. Thanks to Søren for sharing his collection.

Never Say Never Again Artwork

Poster artwork for "Never Say Never Again" by French artist Michel Landi.

James Bond Watercolour Art

James Bond book tribute artwork by Gerald Wadsworth. He is creating watercolours for all books. Check out his work here.

From Sweden With Love

Nice surprise in the post this week: Print from "From Sweden With Love". Artwork by Steffen Winkler. Check out his site here

Big thanks to Anders from the "From Sweden With Love" site for this!

Copyright © From Sweden with Love 

Dr No Tribute Artwork

Tribute artwork for "Dr No": Source artwork in gouache, 40x30cm (top) and in a UK quad-style setting (left).

James Bond Lunchbox

"Thunderball" themed lunchbox. It appears that it must have been issued after 1967 as it also shows Little Nellie. 

Thanks to Larry for sharing this!

Dr No 16 Sheet Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the UK "Dr. No" 16 sheet as shown in the Exhibitors Campaign Book. Does anyone know if this really exists or seen a copy of it?

Chines Book Cover Artwork

Chinese cover artwork for the paperback edition of "For Your Eyes Only" by Ian Fleming. Unconfirmed as I don't read Chinese.

Tribute Artwork

Sean Connery painted by Dave Seguin, Check out his work here.

Comic Book Cover

Cover artwork for "El Espia que me amo" (The Spy Who Loved Me), issue 37 of the James Bond comic series published by Zig Zag in 1970.

From Russia With Love Lobby Cards from France

French Lobby Cards for"Bons Baisers De Russie" (From Russia With Love). The French pressbook claims that there are 30 b/w lobby cards. So far I have found 21. Also there is one that exists in landscape and portrait format. A bit odd. Can one of my readers shed light on this?

Big thanks to Andreas from Vintage Movie Posters for sharing his cards with me. Check out his page.

FRWL Poster Tribute

Fictional "From Russia With Love" poster in the style of Thunderball. As an illustration fan, I was never quite keen on the US photo advertising campaign for "From Russia With Love" - although it was ground-braking for it's time. 

How would the campaign have looked if UA had hired McCarthy and McGinnis to do the job? Probably a bit more refined than this ;-) Still: It was fun to do.

From Russia With Love Tribute Artwork

Here is my third piece for my planned "From Russia With Love" tribute poster. 80x60cm, gouache on artboard. The images below show sketches and the different stages of painting.